New Smartphones 2011: Spec and Feature Expectations

By Jamie Pert - Aug 25, 2010

Each year smartphone expectations get higher and higher, therefore we thought we would piece together what we think smartphone manufacturers will aim to deliver in 2011.

Let’s start with processor speeds, most high-end smartphones these days feature a processor with a clock speed of between 700MHz and 1GHz, therefore I am sure 2011’s devices will be even faster, Qualcomm has revealed that a 1.5GHz snapdragon processor should arrive later this year, which means other chip manufacturers will be doing their utmost to stay competitive.

In my opinion dual core chips in smartphones will really begin taking off in in 2011, with independent clock speeds which automatically adjust to the tasks being carried out we could see one core being turned off whilst the other core takes care of common tasks, this should be great for power consumption.

In terms of RAM some high end smartphones have 512MB, therefore I am sure this will become the norm, perhaps with some devices feature 768MB-1GB.

The Nokia N8 has really broke the mold with its 12 megapixel camera, I don’t expect this to be the norm in 2011, however I am sure most high-end devices will feature a camera of between 7 and 10 megapixels, these will no-doubt be capable of 720p video capture, perhaps with some models having the ability to capture 1080p video.

Storage in my opinion is quite over-rated, however if more and more devices begin capturing HD video storage needs will grow, therefore I expect most smartphones to feature 16-32GB of internal storage, perhaps with SDXC memory card compatibility, which has the potential of storing far more than SDHC cards.

In terms of connectivity 4G will no doubt become a huge priority for smartphone manufacturers and carriers. As for WiFi, 802.11n connectivity is more than sufficient for the foreseeable future. I also expect that Bluetooth 3.0 support will start emerging sometime in 2011.

As for software, I think Android and iOS are ahead of other mobile operating systems, perhaps power consumption and security will be a high priority for developers, as I believe that access to social networks and apps is more than sufficient.

All of the predictions above are my personal beliefs, I would love to hear what you would like to see, therefore feel free to explain your ideas in the comments section below.

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  • I would love to see cellphones with a cell processor which the ps3 already uses

  • I would love to see cellphones with a cell processor which the ps3 already uses

  • Mike

    I would like to see a new iphone with a keyboard attached similar to the HTC Fuze or Tilt I'd buy that its the only reason I haven't bought an Iphone yet I like touchscreen but I like the option of it not just having it as the only choice especially when it comes to texting tapping buttons is much more difficult and time consuming. Apple always produces some amazing products I know they can make a slim design with a keyboard attached or if not at least an alternative to the new Iphone when it is released I can almost guarantee there customer base would increase by at least 20-30% immediately many blackberry and HTC fans do not get Iphones for that specific reason.

  • ……

    If you think these some called "smartphone", they are not to elites. They're seem smartphone to the regular civilians, when the military and others have advanced technology way before you existed in 20th century. No one wants to put a nuclear battery on their cellphone, it's stupid. You will be adding more diseases to your list. You will be suprise how civilians' technology seem to be advanced, when they are not in the real world if you know the truth behind the marketing and lies.

  • justin

    i would like to see 3d screens like the sharp lynx released in japan

  • Alan

    I'm so glad to see I'm not alone when it comes to my disgust at ever-more features and power, yet shipping these things with pathetic batteries!

    I loved my Nokia E66, but the battery life was pathetic. I'm currently using a Samsung Omnia "Lite", which is very small, slim yet packs a 1500mAh battery, with touch-screen etc. That's a lot more useful for me, ironically because I DON'T use the phone very much. As such I need something that just works for a few days between charges, on the off-chance I might need it. The Nokia needed charging every day, which meant I always had a flat battery when I went to use the thing.

    And something for makers to think about – I will NEVER buy another Nokia, as I feel they ripped me off with the E66. Fully charged overnight, the thing was dead by 7pm – without being used!


  • poes

    Bats are a main issue- "not sure I like the NUKE type battery though"-> people are careless and just trash batteries in the garbage-Just ads more to the environmental issues we have-People all mean well but 'HEY its just a little dinky thing-how bad could it be throwing it in the regular trash', even the reg bats get trashed easily????
    AND I agree a simple little thing like turning your phone of and expect your alarm to still function, 'the blackberry is good for that app- turns the phone on also when the ALARM goes off… Just my 2pennies worth

  • Bold 9780

    I think I LOVE the Blackberry Bold 9780 (onyx 2), but the battery life is just too darn short and iffy.

  • venana

    Oh, and one more thing… I've recently found out that some smartphones (namely Android, but possibly also others, I have not yet had the time to investigate) DO NOT support the ALARM feature when the phone is SWITCHED OFF. That's a big minus in my book, especially seeing how ordinary cellphones mostly all support this feature.

    A Google team member said in a discussion at the "Google code android" forum that "there are too many unknows" to implement that feature. Not sure that gives me much confidence in the rest of the OS and the development team as such.

  • venana

    I am currently in the process of choosing my first smartphone. I wish I could blend features of several phones into one. 🙂

    First and foremost I need good battery life.
    No smartphone should pack a battery under 1500mAh.
    I'd love to have the "leap view" for home screens like HTC's devices have.
    I need a flash alongside the camera.
    I'd love the text to wrap to fit the screen upon zooming in or out.
    I don't necessarily need a big screen (4 inch and plus), but I guess it comes in handy for watching videos and while using the camera.
    A screen showing running apps, and enabling the user to switch them off should be only a click away, not hidden in settings.

    At this moment, I think I LOVE the HTC Desire HD, but the battery life is just too darn short and iffy.

  • What i really don't understand is how come no phone has a light up usb charging port. I struggle to find mine in the dark. Anyone else agree?

  • Ellllis

    These guy's get it… the money is in battery life. If a company could produce small long lasting batteries then everyone would want one, but I guess this has always been a problem, not just in phones. Its more of a global issue. But still a nuke battery lasting 6 month's… that's crazy awesome!

  • kosar htc desire HD

    Things are good so far with smart phones I think they are all about doing same thing but IN a defrent way 😉 THE WORSE PART IS BATTERY LIFE NEEDS A LOT WORK ON IT THAT IS WAT WE NEED ;(

  • Festus

    Smartphones are getting faster. supporting more memory, and some will be supporting 4G, but no one is solving the battery issue with these phones. Battery consumption will become a bigger problem later on. Companies need to come up with a longer lasting battery.

    • Andy

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I do know someone is working on a nuclear battery source. It's about the size of a penny, the army have been using that sort of stuff for years in some communication equipment. The battery would last you around 6 months between charges. That would be amazing 🙂

    • Cameron

      That's one of the big advantages of dual core. Nowadays, super-powerful smartphones have to use their power intensive processors even for simple tasks like playing music. Dual core smartphones won't be just to get more computational power like we see in PC's. Instead, as this article suggests, it will help with battery life. The second core only needs to be powered up when necessary.

      Having said that, I agree that we need better batteries. The fact that the iPad is like 60% battery clearly shows that. I'm pretty sure that there is a bunch of research in this area right now, in large part due to the electric car industry – they need better batteries too.

  • guest

    i never thought of dual core phones. that would be epic. phones are probably going to end up like computers, going up 3 core & 8 core 🙂

  • Matthew Pablo

    4.3" displays should become the norm

    • Maurice Schwarz

      I think the phones should be not that big, because its stilla a phone and in my opinion the perfect size is around 3,7"
      You know I want to have it with me in my pocket and also this shouldn't feel like Im carring a brick. But thats just me so they should do it like they do it all the time., make different phones with different display sizes 😉