New MacBook Air 2010: Faster CPU or Less Heat Issues?

By Jamie Pert - Aug 25, 2010

Earlier today we spoke about the possibility of a new generation of MacBook Airs being revealed at Apple‘s September keynote, therefore we thought we would get some feedback to see what it is that consumers really want.

One problem with the current MacBook Air models is that they run extremely hot when used for extensive multimedia tasks, therefore we want to know what you is your biggest priority, fast performance or cooler operation?

It is fair to say that the Core 2 Duos available in MacBook Airs today are somewhat lacking, therefore a refresh is needed, however the relatively slow (for today’s high standards) Core 2 Duo chips seem to suffer cooling problems in the MacBook Air’s ultrathin chassis, therefore a faster chip could suffer even worse problems.

We would like some feedback on this matter to see what you would like, therefore feel free to fill out our simple poll below.

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Own a MacBook Air? If so, what changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • max

    how about more than one usb slot or at least a firewire? to have a machine without a disc drive fine, but to have such a small hard drive and only offer one connection? I have the first generation and love it but it is only practical if you have an imac at home. and how about docking or syncing software similar to the ipad or ieverything else. that would be amazing to not have to manually update every file that i change during the day on my home or base computer

  • Makkered

    I would like to have a better processing speed and for sure more RAM, whatever it is currently it is perfect to carry along. I love it. Sure i would love more storage and ram and faster processing capacity. But we all know the purpose of Air, it is not built to work like normal pc like others are asking for.

  • Allan

    Best machine I've ever had, so lightweight, portable and reliable. Who needs an iPad with this little gem. My vote would be faster processor, more RAM (I run VMWare too so this would help enormously), definitely larger disk capacity and a second usb port rather than carrying round a usb hub all the time.

  • Pete Sampras

    Russ maybe you need a MacBook Pro

  • Russ

    It must have larger RAM capacity (16 GB) and solid state hd of at least 512GB. For a device of this nature/purchase, cost is less an issue. Hopefully Apple will get it out soon.

    • The MacBook Pro is the computer you're after.

  • Luther

    Love my MacBook Air. The only feature I really want is drastically improved battery life.

  • bilbo

    As far as performance/heat, they can do better in both respects. However, my number one complaint about Air is the PITIFUL disk storage capacity (and the nonstandard, impossible to replace disk form factor). This is by far the biggest limitation to use of the machine for me. My number two complaint is that there is no SD card slot built in. This is a great cheap way to add additional removable storage at minimal bulk. If such a feature is added, PLEASE make it a slot that does not leave the card sticking halfway out the way all Apple implementations have to date.

  • rany

    The MacBook air is apples only laptop that still has a button next to the touchpad…. What gives?

    • Janes

      Yeah. Apple should get rid of that button and more importantly integrate a umts module like
      on the sony vaio z . I am just loosing my external usb stick everywhere….

  • Artie

    I've got an original MBA. My only complaint is that when watching video–not just Flash, but also movies from the iTunes store–the heat causes the video to slow down and become unwatchable. That's all I care about. Otherwise, the speed is fine.

  • Lee

    Things I’d like to see in a MacBook Air refresh:

    – 150% faster processor

    – 300GB solid state disk

    – removable battery

    – repositioned power socket

    – – twice the RAM