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Magic Trackpad From Colorware: Price $145

When Apple announced the Magic Mouse last year we assumed that a trackpad like the one used on the MacBook Pro would have followed shortly after. However, we had to wait some time, but we were then treated to the Magic Trackpad, which we discussed in a recent article.

Like all devices for the Mac it is only available in aluminum that is until now. Thanks to ColorWare, they have done what they do best and offered us a range of customs colors for this wireless device.

For those who know all about ColorWare, who has already worked their magic on the new Xbox 360 S and the iPhone 4, you are presented with a 360 degree view to make certain that you get your color choices correct.

With these color choices you will now be able to match the Apple Magic trackpad to your own computer – ideal for all those who have modded their own PCs.

ColorWare Apple Magic TrackPad, what colors will you choose?



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