Mafia 2 Playboy Pictures: Location Guide Video

By Peter Chubb - Aug 27, 2010

There are so many things to keep you occupied while playing Mafia 2, which you can read all about in Jamie Pert’s review roundup. However, did you know that you could look at Playboy pictures by collecting 50 magazines within the game?

It is no secret how big Mafia II is and trying to find those 50 publications will be a huge task, which is why we have found this location guide for you.

Just make certain that your girlfriend or wife is not in the room when you make it your mission to find these Playboy pictures.

Ben Dutka from PS3 News notes that the guide is in German, but Google does its best to translate if for us. The location guide is great in the way where it offers details along with screenshots to make it easier to locate these magazines – more details can be found on the video below.

Did you find all 50 in the Mafia 2 demo?

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