iPhone 4: Free Cases from China Unicom

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2010

The iPhone 4 is expected to be released in China next month, and it looks as if China Unicom are already taking steps to ensure that they don’t suffer a fierce backlash in relation to antenna problems as seen in the US.

As reported from Apple Insider, the iPhone 4 is set to launch on September 16th in China, and China Unicom has confirmed that they will be offering free iPhone 4 cases to every customer.

According to AI, it is unsure whether customers will have to sign up to a program like Apple’s Case Program in the US in order to receive their case, or if customers will get their case along with their handset on purchase day.

Considering the problems that Apple faced with AntennaGate, this move by China Unicom should eliminate some of the fears for Chinese consumers who are worried about potential antenna issues.

Full story through the link.

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  • nnn


  • gaorenfu

    unicom is on the cliff

  • simon

    Putting a bumper on is not fixing the problem, its just covering up the problem. Covering up such a beautiful looking phone with a lump of rubber is criminal. If Apple had made the phone with a cheap rubber outer case then Apple would be a laughing stock.

    Come on Apple sort it out as you are rapidly becoming that laughing stock.

    I returned my iphone as i too had the antenna problem and i wasnt foolish enough to just be fobbed off with a 20 quid bit of rubber. I had previous iPhones and love iPhones, but not that much that i would keep hold of any faulty device i had paid so much money for.

    I am starting to think that Apple has been really brainwashing customers and its working!! It seems like everyone has just accepted the cases as a fix to the issue, when really its just a cover up. Apple should have recalled the device to keep future and present customers coming back for more.