Facebook Security: Kill List & Three Teens Murdered

When you hear of dangers associated with Facebook most people would be worried about credit card fraud, viruses and spyware, however in southwestern Colombia the problems seem a lot more worrying.

Apparently 69 names appeared on a “kill list” posted on Facebook, within the past 10 days three teenagers living in Puerto Asis whose names were listed on the list have been murdered.

The Colombian police are said to be investigating the case, however they are currently unsure as to who originally posted the list, if you know something you may be eligible to a reward of 5 million pesos ($2,750).

Over the last year or so Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny regarding personal security, however surely Facebook can’t be held responsible for this in any way, let’s face it anyone can write what they want whenever they want.

Do you think Facebook’s administrators could do more?

Source: Mashable



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