Facebook Pot Ads: Should they be Allowed or not?

It has been reported that social-networking site Facebook has blocked the use of ads which aim for marijuana legalization, despite originally approving the ads on the website last week. Do you think they should be allowed or not?

As reported from Post Chronicle, the advertisements have come from a group known as Just Say Now, as they are angry with Facebook for first approving their ads, then removing them with no apparent reason soon afterwards.

According to Post Chronicle, the ads were visible on Facebook from August 7th onwards, but were then removed afterwards on August 16th, the group said.

The group’s leader, Jane Hamsher denied claims that they were trying to sell pot to people, insisting that this is all about a political discussion, and that people should have the right to vote on their opinion. Facebook has now said that the ads go against their website’s guidelines, but some of you may think otherwise.

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