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Facebook for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone: Impressive App Stats

Facebook have recently started to give us user stats for its mobile applications and users that operate them for its available platforms such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, Android based handsets and the iPad.

We are in a social networking age where we use our portable devices to do our socialising. Using our cell phones and tablets to communicate with our friends and the rest of the world. For this we tend to use Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking apps that are available to us. To show you how much we use these mobile devices, we have obtained numbers of monthly users that use the Facebook client over selected platforms.

The number of users are quite shocking with the iPhone taking the larger percentile of users with over 104 million active monthly users.

BlackBerry users are just over half of that, and come in with nearly 60 million whereas the Android user base only stable just over 12 million using the Android based version of the Facebook client.

So lets say Facebook currently has just over 500 million users, that means quite a sizeable chunk are using mobile devices to do their social networking.

What form of device do you use to access Facebook?

Source: Engadget



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