Crysis 2 Graphics: Xbox 360 Version in trouble?

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2010

If you are thinking of picking up Crysis 2 on either the PC or Xbox 360 in March next year, then you might want to take a look at this article we’ve found, which gives us a solid look at how the game is looking for both platforms.

The graphics comparison comes to us courtesy of German website, who were lucky enough to try out the game during this year’s GamesCom expo in Cologne.

Considering the fact that they were able to sample both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, they have put together their initial thoughts on both versions, in terms of graphical differences between the two.

While we understand that the Google translation from German into English isn’t perfect, there is no mistaking the lengths they went to, to point out that the Xbox 360 version looked far weaker, even stating that the game had been upscaled to 720p.

If you continue on reading through their report, you’ll find out that the Xbox 360 version suffers from blurry textures, rough shadows and blocky fog effects.

The good thing to note is that the GamesCom showing was probably only an early build of the game. Since the game is not due out till March next year, Crytek has plenty of time to work on all platforms of the game, making sure the console versions are on par with it’s PC counterpart.

What are your thoughts on this? You can read their full analysis here. Do you think it is too early to judge the Xbox 360 version of the game?

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  • trent

    360 owners are stupidly biased, i think i'm the only one that isn't. in all honesty, i wasted my money getting the first console that came out.
    the ps3 is a better console hands down, i played my mates and get jealous at how great the graphics are on uncharted and and gow3.
    i own halo reach and it still looks way to fake for me. i'd prefer mw2.

  • aberkae

    Xbox on par to pc? Since when did console get an api upgrade from directx 9 skipping directx 10 landing to directx 11?? And going from 720p to 1600p? Cryengine 3 will support up 8 cores. If they improve the console, the pc version will be improved as well.

  • bob

    If they look bad on the 360, its gonna look damn worse on the PS3!

    • dave

      The reason multi-platform games usually look worse on ps3 is because they are made on the 360, then ported to the ps3 because its easier. If you looked at ps3 exclusives, such as uncharted 2 the graphics are so good that the 360 cant handle the amount of vistas required.

  • marhorn

    Here we go again! did you microsoft come and kill your village when you were a child or something? Take all the games that look better on the ps3 than the Xbox 360 and then take all the games that look better on Xbox 360 than ps3, Il tell you now that theres a lot more for the 360! I wouldnt be surprised if this ends up being better on Xbox! Anyhooooo, Who cares as Halo Reach is coming out in lyk 3 weeks! Have you seen the graphics for that? Best fps (possibly game) EVER!

    peace out

  • Narjeet Singh

    what about ps3 and obviously pc version would be miles ahead i can only wish i had the ££££ for a gaming pc

  • captain mcfail

    crysis 2 looks better on pc than xbox?

    well duh….