Apple Media Event: White iPhone 4 Release Date and iPod Touch 4G?

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2010

For those of you who have been keeping track of the latest Apple hardware rumors, you might want to take note, as it looks as if Apple will be revealing their new products at a scheduled media event next month.

As reported from MacRumors, information obtained by Bloomberg has revealed that Apple are planning a media event on September 7th – which just so happens to land on a Tuesday.

The event is expected to unveil the fourth-generation iPod Touch with Facetime and front-facing camera, while there also could be a hardware refresh to Apple TV, or iTV as it will probably get renamed to.

This might be a long-shot, but Apple may also use their keynote conference to finally announce a release date for the white iPhone 4 model. Then again, most of you might have lost interest already, after discovering there are alternative ways to get hold of a white model.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming event? Do you think Apple has some other hardware surprises in store for us?

UPDATE: Event is actually on the 1st, not the 7th – sorry about that. Get a list of streams and blog links here.

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  • sotoy

    anyone know when white iphone 4 release date?

  • osama

    how i can download jailbreak iphone 4.1

  • A-K87

    I doubt that it will be called 'iTV' because ITV is the name of one of the major British Commercial Television broadcasters which has been on the air for 55 years.

    I imagine it will be iWatch.

    I predict a touch screen nano.

  • Mr I Phone

    Why would they rename the TV to iTV? That's exactly like the channel.. ITV!! ITV1.. ITV2??!!
    Yes, renaming that would be making a wrong move. In fact, they should get rid of Apple TV. Its so rubbish. :L The only good thing about Apple is the iPhone 4. 🙂

    • iNerd

      iTV doesn't have anything to do with channels, so I think we'll be fine. XD

  • Zach

    Well, there is always the refresh to the iPod Nano line, but as last years updates were major, I doubt the iPod Nano will be getting anything more than larger storage and better battery. I have noticed a patern in the iPod Nanos. Of couse it started with the first generation. The second gen was a minor upgrade, the third gen was a major upgrade, the fourth gen was a minor upgrade and the fifth gen was a major upgrade. That leads me to believe that the same pattern will exsist.

  • Ben

    Does this mean the new iPod touch gets released on sale on September 7th?

    • iNerd

      The new iPod touch is heavily rumored to be released on Sep. 1st, but I think, judging by the fact that Sep. 7 is the last day that Apple gives away free iPod touches with the purchase of a Mac, it will be on the 7th.

    • sonyavading

      If they will upgrade the procs of iPod Touch, then why not? Actually, the confirmed updates for this one, is it will have face time and better speakers. iPod Touch 4 Early Leaks