Apple Media Event: Verizon iPhone release date and MacBook Air update?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2010

Apple is to hold a media event on September 7th, which Alan Ng informed us of this morning. He discussed the fact that Apple could use this opportunity to not only show off the much-rumored new iPod Touch, but also the release of the White iPhone. However Steve Jobs could also offer details of the Verizon iPhone and an update to the MacBook Air during his keynote.

As with all Apple events all we can do is speculate as to what will be unveiled, but the MacBook Air is long overdue for an update and will be the perfect time to announce it. There are fears that Apple could decide to discontinue the thin laptop as it spends more time marketing its iPad.

Hey, maybe Steve will even talk about a new 7-inch iPad, which we discussed in a recent post – well it does seem a bit too soon to release an iPad 2, its not even been a year since the current model was released.

The Verizon iPhone is the less likely one, yes we know that the rumors of an January 2011 release has intensified – but will Apple shed any light onto the most wanted thing on the cell phone market?

What will Steve Jobs announce during the Apple Media Event on September 7, 2010?

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  • esmith512

    The iPhone will no longer be limited to and crippled by AT&T! With the iPhone on a much more reliable network it can more closely reach its potential! Also, a lot of people have been waiting since 2007 for the iPhone to finally get onto a worthwhile cell network. AT&T had their chance, now we can finally move ahead into the future.

  • michaelcartel

    can iphone go to verizon already! it will mark the change in the cellular market we've all been waiting for. the best phone on the best service.

  • Nerd

    iPad 2 release surely.

  • Looks like it's gonna happen…FINALLY!