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Angry Birds Movie: PS3, PSP and DS needed first

There have been a number of games adapted to the big screen; some have worked, while others have not. However, it will be a first for a smartphone app to make it to Hollywood, but that’s just what is being considered, as there could be plans for an Angry Birds movie.

It is not known if it would be a CGI movie like Shrek or claymation like Chicken Run. This does sound like a good idea and would be popular, considering that there has been almost 6 million downloads so far. However, we have to wonder if Angry Birds should be released on the Sony PSP, PSP and the Nintendo DS first? Well that’s what Andrew Yoon from Joystiq believes.

Game developer Rovio is not joking about a movie adaption of Angry Birds, they have now asked top Hollywood advisors to formulate a plan. As mentioned above the first challenge is to get the game to games console, although not certain why the Xbox 360 was not mentioned?

Having played the game I can see that it would prove popular in the games console market, but as for a movie – I am not convinced. Will Angry Birds work as a movie?



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