3D TV Without Glasses: Still too Expensive for Consumers

Electronics giant Toshiba has hit the headlines today as they will be building the world’s first 3D TV which doesn’t require the need for consumers to wear 3D glasses. We’ve talked about this concept before, but the biggest issue is still large at hand – price.

Firstly, if you want to read more about Toshiba’s plans to built no fewer than three new TV sets without the need for glasses, you can head to our previous report here for the full lowdown.

While normal 3D TV sets are openly available to buy in stores today, sales haven’t been as good as manufacturers had hoped, mainly due the fact that customers are still having to having to pay an extremely high premium in order to take one home.

The good news, is that the holiday season is approaching, more specifically – Black Friday. This will be the biggest chance that eagle-eyed consumers will have, of picking up a 3D-capable set with a considerable discount. You can bet that Best Buy and Walmart are already planning their Black Friday Electronic sales, and that consumers will be on the lookout for the latest technology available.

While a 3D TV without glasses would be great, I’m more interested to see when normal 3D sets are reduced to an acceptable purchase price. Do you agree or not?



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