Toshiba To Launch Worlds First Non-Glasses 3D TV Later This Year

From HDTV to 3D TV is where the world is headed right now, as Japanese electronics firm Toshiba have plans to launch the first global 3D television that does not need us to use silly, uncomfortable and un-stylish glasses to watch it.

From the report over at AFP, they say that Toshiba plan to unveil three separate models of the television before the holiday season at the end of the year.

It has been a well known fact that we welcome 3D TV, and the way that our technology is advancing means that we can enjoy 3D television without the need for special glasses.

But the pre-releases of earlier 3D televisions did not go down too well and sales were rather poor due to customers complaining about irritating glasses.

AFP report that the cost of the televisions will be “several thousand dollars.”

Would you be prepared to fork out a few thousand for a 3D television that does not need glasses? I guess we will just have to see them in the store for ourselves before we make our minds up.

Source: AFP



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