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Torchlight 3 and Diablo 3 Release: Blizzard’s impossible task

The news that Torchlight 3 would make it to release before Diablo 3 (Video gameplay from Gamescom) has come as a shock to most, and we do have to wonder why that it? Max Schaefer from Runic Games made the remark in jest, but it seems to have become the subject of a few comments on Joystiq.

Schaefer believes that the reason why they will beat Blizzard to a third installment of their game is because they have an efficient team, and the quick turnaround of the past two Torchlight games is proof of that.

The Runic CEO also told Alexander Sliwinski from Joysiq that Blizzard has an impossible task, as they will make Diablo 3 an epic game and will aim to make it bigger an better than any previous version – and there lies the problem.

Doing this will make it very difficult for them, as they want the next version of Diablo to be perfect, and we all know that takes time. Do you think that Torchlight 3 will beat Diablo 3 to a release?



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