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Samsung Galaxy S and World Text Message Record

The Samsung Galaxy S (unlock codes here) is not all that old and already it has been used to break the world record for texting. Melissa Thompson from the UK managed to type 26 words in 26 seconds, and they were not all short words either, some as long as 11 characters.

The record had stood at 35.54; Thompson’s time for the same passage was 25.94 seconds the record was broken after just 5 months. The record was smashed by using the SWYPE key pad on the Samsung Android handset, which as we know can be achieved by not even lifting your finger off the touchscreen.

This latest technology is set to become the next big thing when it comes to texting, as you can type a message much faster than the current way. Although, we are not certain how long it will take to catch on.

Ms Thompson did not even intend to enter the competition, she just happened to be walking past the roadshow. According to PA, she did now know how fast she was at texting, but agreed that SWYPE made it possible for her to beat the record.



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