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Roxio Creator Studio 2011 Review: Converts 2D into 3D

There is no denying that 3D is making a huge impression at the cinema and at home, and many believe that it was the success of Avatar that has helped with the popularity of this technology. The idea of 3D is not a new one but it is when it comes to in the home, and Creator Studio 2011 from Roxio is just the latest company to get in on the action.

This new multimedia suite software is ideal for those who wish to take 2D images and videos and then convert them into 3D, it all sounds good on paper – but how well will it perform, PCMag aims to find out?

So let us get the main thing out of the way first, its price. The Creator Studio 2011 suite costs $99.99 and comes with a pair of cheaply made cardboard 3D glasses – much like the ones that that was given to you when you saw Jaws 3D in the 80’s.

The installation takes around 18 minutes, so more than enough time to study the book that comes with the software, not that many of us ever bother. Read the complete review of Creator Studio 2011 by visiting PCMag.


  • Jacarta Jackson

    DO NOT BUY ROXIO CREATOR 2010 OR CREATOR 2011 Pro! These products are junk, although Creator 2010 is less junk than the TOTALLY WORTHLESS CREATOR 2011! I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit, i7 chip, 8 gigs RAM, and Creator 2011 simply will not function; some of the features work partially, but NOT ONE PERFORMS to completion. Creator 2011 WOULD NOT IMPORT files from my JVC HD video camera, even though the camera is 4 years old. Tech support by phone or online was non-existent for Creator 2010, so at least on this round I didn't waste time with them. I am fairly computer savvy (25yrs) but after 8 hours of continuous efforts to find solutions or workarounds, I gave up. The program is going into the trash, $130 wasted. Also, if you want Soundsoap, you have to activate on the internet, and then you only get a light version, AFTER THE BOX INFO tells you it is part of Creator 2011 Pro. WHAT A RIPOFF. Your money would be better spent sent to me. I won't give you anything, but I don't promise anything, a better deal than Roxio products. NOTE: I did find some relief; after I threw the program, box and all, into the trash, my headache went away.

  • rob

    roxio, as always, sucks.
    why do I need 3rd party software on my computer to make roxio work?
    I don't WANT to buy some other software package (MS Office?…how stupid is this?)
    in order to make roxio work, that is stupid, and really lousy programming on their part.
    if you buy it, prepare to burn it, or throw it in the trash.
    I had 2009 and it sucked real real bad, 2010 I threw in ther trash after the FIRST install, because it bombed and tried to access the internet for some reason, which it doesn;t need anything from the internet in order to burn cd's. It is all on my computer, not on the internet.
    AND like all of their other junk, you tell it NOT to do something, it says it won't but does anyway, like waving that finger in your face. Wave that finger back in their face!!!!

  • Avatar was magnificent in 3D. I really advocate everyone go to it if you have not already. I went to the theater 5 times!


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