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Press Your Luck: Download today from PSN

For those of you who do not know, Press Your Luck is available for download today from PSN for the Sony PS3. The game is fun as you will often see the cartoon character appearing throughout the game, and is based on the Press Your Luck game show from the 1980s.

You as the player will be one of the three contestants whose aim it is to win as many trivia questions as you can, this will give you more turns to spin on the Big Board. The only way to win the game is to finish with the most earnings, just remember you have to steer clear of Whammy.

Ludia hopes that its second multiplayer game for the Sony PlayStation 3 will do well on downloads today. You can either choose to play Press Your Luck on local multiplayer or go online and play against others. If you wish to brush up on your trivia skills first, then you can play solo play with more than 2,500 questions ready for you to answer.

PlayStation Blog explains that you can download Press Your Luck from PSN now, let us hope that it proves popular. Have you downloaded the game yet?



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