Pope Bans Vuvuzelas: Do not bring list

For those of you who were sick and tired of hearing those awful Vuvuzelas during the South Africa’s 2010 World Cup, you will be pleased to know that Pope Benedict XVI also shares in your pain. These musical instruments – we use that term loosely – are to be banned during the Pope’s UK tour in September.

This is not the only thing being banned; do not even consider bringing barbecues, gazebos or even alcohol and candles. All these items and more are on the do not bring list, we wonder how many Vuvuzelas will be confiscated?

The tour will be held at London’s Hyde Park on September 18, where more than 80,000 will attend. More details can be found on

It seems that more things designed to bring joy to others face a ban in all parts of the world. We recently reported that the hula-hoop had been banned from Las Vegas – although we have to point out that they are not your average sized hoops.

Is the Pope right to ban the Vuvuzela?



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