Kinect Voice Control Rumors and Microsoft’s Official Statement

By Jamie Pert - Aug 24, 2010

Earlier today rumors started doing their rounds suggesting that Kinect for Xbox 360 would not support voice chat or voice command functionality upon launch, however Microsoft has now officially cleared up all of the confusion.

Microsoft has stated that Kinect for Xbox 360 will offer voice chat and voice command functionality when it launches in November, which obviously contradicts all of the rumors suggesting otherwise.

When the earlier rumors began a lot of Microsoft haters started flaming the Xbox 360 and Kinect, however this official statement from Microsoft means that these haters will have to eat some humble pie and not jump on the bandwagon next time an unreliable source starts a rumor.

There is no doubt that if Microsoft held back this somewhat basic functionality there would have been reason to complain, especially as people have already pre-ordered their controller-free gaming device, however it is nice to see that the Kinect launch seems to be going to plan.

Source: CVG

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