HTC: Windows Phone 7 Will Be A Success, Nokia & Symbian Won’t

During the past year, HTC have gained a very reputable market share. Largely owing their success to the range of quality smartphones they have released with the Google Android operating system. But they remain confident that they can still get bigger even though the new range of Windows Phone 7 smartphones are coming later this year aswell as Nokia‘s N8 with the Symbian^3 OS.

While speaking to Smarthouse, Australia and New Zealand sales and marketing director Anthony Petts said “You have to give it to Microsoft, unlike Nokia with their Symbian operating system; Microsoft has bitten the bullet, ditched their old operating system and is now set to launch a new OS that we believe will be highly competitive.”

Petts goes on to say that he is confident that the new range of Windows smartphones will nudge Nokia even further out of the market share, especially seen as though Symbian seems old hat compared to most other phone OS’s such as iOS4, Android and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS.

But Nokia may surprise us all with MeeGo, an open source collaboration with Intel. MeeGo is expected to launch on Nokia’s more high end devices such as the Nokia N9 which could potentially outrival that of the Windows Phone 7, and may even compete with HTC’s popular devices and the iPhone 4.

I guess we will just have to wait and see who will win the battle of the smartphone operating systems.

What is your favored phone OS?

Source: SlashGear



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