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HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7 Slider: Speaker not keyboard

AT&T has made no secret of the fact that they will be the premium carrier for Windows Phone 7, which has been done for two reasons – how well a close partnership has worked with them in the past, and the fact that they could be losing the iPhone exclusivity. We have news of the HTC T8788, which is currently the only name that we have for the handset so far.

We are not certain how long HTC and AT&T will keep us waiting for an official name, but we are certain that it will be a catchy one. You can see from the images on Engadget that this is a landscape slider phone, but it does not house a keyboard – instead in its place is a speaker.

This tells us that HTC is looking to go down the Nokia Xpress route and focusing more on the music – although we can be certain that the T8788 will have a more than capable touch interface.

I can’t help but think that this HTC looks a lot like its Android brothers and sisters, we just hope that WinPho 7 will be able to cut the mustard and help revive the once good mobile OS from Microsoft.



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