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Google Earth for Android 1.1: Underwater bathymetry

The current version of Google Earth for Android has now been around for seven months; so 1.1 update was long overdue. This is a major update, with the biggest feature being underwater bathymetry – this is the same feature that was made available on Google Earth 5 for desktop.

GEarthBlog makes a point that this is the first time that underwater bathymetry has been available for a smartphone. Another cool feature is “Explore the Ocean” layer; this allows people to share not only their photos but stories of the seas as well.

These are just two features if you are running an older version of Android, if you have Android 2.2 Froyo update, then there is even more for you to enjoy with the new Google Earth for Android.

Some of the other new features include: Move to SD and Two-finger “look around” mode, much like what iPhone users currently have. For further details on these new features visit Google Lat Long Blog.

Have you downloaded Google Earth for Android 1.1 yet?



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