Deli Meat Recall at Walmart: Products list

It seems that every week there is another food recall; the latest is a deli meat recall at Walmart stores, which affects 380,000 pounds of meat. There are fears that the food has been contaminated with bacteria, which in some cases could cause a fatal disease.

According to a CNN Blogs report the bacteria is called Listeria monocytogenes, which inspectors in Georgia found in a meat sample. Thankfully there have not been any reports of illness.

The symptoms of listeriosis, brought on by the bacteria can cause headaches, nausea, high fever and a stiff neck. Usually healthy people will not suffer from the fatal disease.

Those who are pregnant need to be aware that Listeriosis can cause stillbirths and miscarriages, so you need to make certain that you do not any of the meat that is listed for you here.


  • peggy

    maybe the store owners should keep the meats a little cooler after all they are mostly in the open all day or opening and closing the doors all day long it might help

    • Cheri Huelsman

      excuse me but I work in a Wal-mart deli and our meats are not out in the open all day. What you see behind the counter is a cooling unit and the tempatures of all the deli units are checked every 4 hours and if they are not at the Health departments recommended tempature of 41 degrees or lower then the unit is emptied and shut down. Wal-mart is very careful in the handling of their products. Listeria would come from the meat packaging center not any stores.


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