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AT&T Dell Aero: Now On Sale – Specs, Information & Cupcake 1.5 Confirmed (Video)

Dell have finally released their first Android based smartphone in partnership with AT&T, that is priced at $99.99 on a two year agreement. At first, no one was sure what OS would come on the device, but after a number of websites spoke to Dell directly, we can confirm that the Aero comes with Google Android 1.5 Cupcake, with Dell modifications.

As we first reported back in March this year, the device comes with a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 touchscreen. We can also now tell you that the device stables a 5-megapixel camera, triband UMTS/HSPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and is based on a 624Mhz Marvell CPU.

We have a video demo just below this article that shows off the Aero, that also comes complete with a microSD slow, 2GB of which is preloaded and a Flash Lite browser, GPS/A-GPS, quadband GSM/EDGE and access to the Android Market.

But what most of you want to know is about Dell’s own customization of the Andoird 1.5 Cupcake OS, to which Dell are calling it a “superset” of. Some of the features can be found below.

Dell developed a tremendous amount of customization and features on top of cupcake to deliver the experiences that matter most to customers. Popular features Dell incorporated on top of cupcake include Microsoft email with Active Sync, handwriting recognition, one-click upload of photos to social sites. We’ve also pre-loaded popular applications such as Facebook with integrated phonebook and calendar, added a connection manager, and implemented Search on the device or web.

Additional benefits for the Dell Aero:

· Dell Aero comes with an 8x zoom with on-device photo & video editing functionality

· Asynchronous BT/Wi-Fi

· Multiple widget support

· Sync with Windows Media Player

· Desktop Suite Syncing tool – includes syncing with iTunes (Non DRM)

Dell are also offering a contract-free version of the device for $299.99, and will go on sale through AT&T themselves immediately.

Although the Aero does not compete with most of the smartphones currently available to consumers, do you find the Dell Aero an attractive purchase?

Source: SlashGear


  • Android 1.5? 640×360, 3.5" screen? A whopping 624Mhz? Way to stay competitive, Dell.
    Leave it to Dell to be a year and a half late to market. It's like they're trying to compete with the iPhone 3G. Even the price point and "extras" aren't terribly compelling. For the same price you can get a refurbed 16GB 3GS and have a better phone. For only a few bucks more you can move up to the HTC Aria and have Android 2.1 with HTCs Touchsense.


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