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AMD Bobcat and Bulldozer CPU Release Details

We have known for some time that AMD is to launch the Bobcat and Bulldozer, which are aimed at taking the fight to Intel and the Atom and Xeon processors. It seems that all AMD can do at the moment is keep offering details on the CPU cores destined for a 2011 release, we just want a date from them that’s all.

The Bobcat from Advanced Micro Devices will be the CPU set to take on the Atom, and offers an advancement over the current AMD model. The company hopes that the new processor will make it more of a competitor in a market dominated by Intel.

The main selling point for the Bobcat is its power consumption, as it can run on less that one watt of power. This one feature alone will help increase battery life in current notebooks, although we are uncertain by how much.

The AMD Bulldozer will be the flagship processor aimed at the high-end consumer market. AMD has done a very clever thing by splitting the cores into 2, but still manages to share a number of the same components.

More details on both these CPUs can be found on Engadget.



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