60-mile, 9-day Traffic Jam: Reason for cleaner energy

Almost all drivers have experienced being caught up in a traffic jam at one time or another, the worst I have been in lasted for two hours. Just imagine what it would be like stuck in a 60-mile, 9-day traffic jam? This is what drivers in China are still stuck in, which has been caused by a huge number of trucks shipping coal.

According to a Bloomberg report, since demand for coal in China has increased so has the volume of traffic, but a new 190-mile railway that is due to be built should help ease congestion in the future, but what about now? The thousands of trucks currently stuck on the 60-mile stretch of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway showed signs of easing yesterday.

The traffic jam is only part of the story though; we know that China has now stepped up its demand for not only electricity but also for gasoline as well. We have to wonder why other nations such as the UK and other European countries have started to rely less on these fossil fuels and more on other forms of energy?

More shockingly the U.S. is also looking to cut its dependency on gasoline by introducing a number of new electric (Nissan Leaf) and hybrid vehicles (Chevy Volt). Not only that, they have also begun to drive around in smaller cars, such as the new Ford Fiesta.

There is no denying that the Chinese are very clever and resourceful, so why do they not work on alternative ways to provide their power to their nation?



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