Xbox 720: Graphics & Hardware Specs, Games & Release Date Rumors

By Jamie Pert - Aug 23, 2010

Maybe it is too early to start speculating about what we can expect from Microsoft and their next generation console — the Xbox 720 or Xbox 3. But lets just take into consideration what we could potentially be looking forward to as we have a list of combined rumors, news, specs, and game information that’s at our fingertips.

Graphics – By taking a look at the current gaming resolutions and systems. We know that HD has played a huge part in the later releases of 360’s. The 360 offers full 1080 HD support, but most games have a tendency to run at 720p due to some frame rate issues. We have also seen and heard a lot about 3D gaming, with Crysis 2 one of the confirmed games that will support 3D. Therefore, its almost certain the 720 will come with 3D support.

Although it has not been confirmed, ATI-AMD will provide the GPU’s for Microsoft‘s next-gen console, along with Ultra HD (UHDV) that is set to replace current HD TVs.

Hardware – It’s safe to say the 360 has had its fair share of RROD incidents, so by obvious estimations, it is thought that Microsoft would be using a more extensive testing phase this time around.

There is not too much around that suggests what processor the next-gen console will run off, but it is rumored that it will support Blu-Ray, or even digital based which would mean the end to physical media making it to consoles.

Release Date – Getting further in the discussion its hard to tell a time frame of when the 720 would be released. I don’t think we would expect it to come next year, or even the year after next. Suggestions do look a little brighter for 2013 though, which means we could see an announcement at E3 2012, or round about.

Games – The above also applies for games, as there is no solid information regarding specs, we also cant say what will and wont make the next generation. Although reports of an Activision and Bungie based title was reportedly “planned, engineered and designed” to appear on next gen consoles such as the 720 and the PS4.

As always, we will also see a much improved dashboard on the 720, something maybe centred around a more ‘social’ feel.

What would you like to see in Microsoft‘s next gen console? If you think you may know anything, then please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Gameranx

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    Fk u ps for life xbox sucks

  • I really enjoy your games, had so many funny times on your website, but some of your games are not working.

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    What's the point of this article? There's no facts, nor any reasoning behind the small amount of speculation that's been included above. Put some thought into your content, please…

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  • aberkae

    Linked multiplayer to pc players, directx 11 or better graphics api visuals, ssd support, kinect support for ultra hd gaming experience.

    • kcmartz

      Yeah! Steam (example), Windows Live/Xbox linking to online games would ROCK!!! (i have a 360 but more a PC player)