Top 50 Smartphone Apps: What’s yours?

The smartphone market has certainly moved up a gear in 2010, which has sparked an apps frenzy. iTunes is still king when it comes to applications, which users use for their iPhone or iPod Touch. However, Android apps have started to gain some ground thanks to the number of Android powered smartphones hitting the market.

There are other app stores, but Apple and Google are the main two – so it is obvious that when asked what are the top 50 apps, these two will feature heavily. There are so many apps on the market that it would be tough to choose the top 50, as there are so many factors to consider.

Most app providers have categories for their top apps, such as most popular by paid or free. One of the most popular apps for the iPhone has to be the Facebook one, but a quick look at iTunes shows that the top paid app is James Cameron’s Avatar for iPad.

I did not even know about this app until yesterday, so I downloaded it and I am now hooked. I loved playing it on my PS3, but the console decided it did not like my discs anymore.

So if you had to choose your top apps what would they be and why?



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