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Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0: List of changes

Apple is due to release a minor update this week, Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0, which will aim to address three issues, which is intended to improve features on games that run on ATI or Nvidia. We first assumed that this was just a standard update, but David Chartier from Macworld explains on PC World that this is more significant than that.

It has been suggested that the new update will offer around three times higher frame rates in certain games – including World of Warcraft. Andrew Durdin, a Flickr user has uploaded a screenshot to demonstrate the improvements made to Portal performance.

Apple and ATI worked together to come up with these new drivers, which also aims to fix a number of bugs on Snow Leopard. Chartier is happy about this latest update, but is still uncertain that Mac will ever make it as a true gaming platform?

We know that Apple has a few systems that are capable of playing some graphic intense games, but as you are unable to upgrade a simple thing as a graphics card – it shoots itself in the foot as a hardcore gamers choice.



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