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Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted: Live testing video

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is close to being unveiled, but who would have thought that the device would have been spied on a train, which you can see for yourself in the video below. The Galaxy tablet was undergoing testing by a Telco worker.

The people over at Electonsita assumed that this had to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as the 7-inch design matches up with all what we now about the Android tablet. The employee who did not know that he was being videoed said that he was unable to offer any details – although he did say that it was very different to the Apple iPad.

Electronista noticed that the tablet must have been running a 1GHz ARM processor, the same used in the Galaxy S smartphone, as the commands were both fast and smooth. The worker also noted that the tablet was awesome to use.

Earlier last week Jamie Pert reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet would be released in the UK on the Vodafone network. The UK carrier hopes that they will be able to offer an alternative to the Apple iPad, currently the only tablet device on the market.

What upcoming tablet device do you think will compete with the Apple iPad?



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