PS3 Jailbreak: Sony could detect PSJailbreak and Ban Users

By Alan Ng - Aug 23, 2010

If you are a PS3 owner, you are probably aware that the console is now open to homebrew applications and has the ability to play games off a hard drive, due to the recent release of a USB device called PSJailbreak.

While many PS3 owners are naturally delighted with the thought of playing free games, there are obvious risks, as it has just been reported that Sony can detect who is using the new USB drive, and effectively ban users from the Playstation Network.

Sony has yet to issue an official statement on the recent PS3 hacking, probably since they are hard at work on a new firmware update which will combat the problem and prevent the USB device from working.

More details on this can be seen over at PS3Hax. Do you think users should be banned for using this new device or not?

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  • iken

    No offense intended but some people really piss me off. it appears that only good for nothing pirates are learning from them. The purpose of "jailbreaking" (I hate that term… the ps3 isnt an iDevice) is for homebrew and the return of things like OtherOS. The reason I like backup managers is because they save your laser, make it easy for lazy people to not have to change the disc and make it easy to take your games places

  • escuridad7

    they should give three warning if the third one they detected again people should get ban for life including the account that would be fair I think but People who has the money would buy two PS3 one for jail brake and the other for official and legal updates and latest stuff so we are so Sony is stuck now because one PS3 is Ban but the other is not people could still get away with two PS3 because they don't care if one gets Ban because they have the other unBanned even some Hackers know there way to get unbanned even if there PS3 is Banned

    Sony should have never have take software that cost money is there fault that is why they have this problem with thirdparty companies making usbs with the PS3 codes to be able to handle open source even they don't approve piracy other people would do it for bad other for good do it because there game is damage so on sony can sued many people but they would end up loosing money more faster alot features from the old PS3 is been taking away with they new updates some people were not even using for illigal but Sony say may be fuck then we don't care if you have pay $600 Dollars or More for our PS3 we rip you off now, well in Spain Sony has to pay for all everything they have done exept in UK & US and some parts of Europe is more Demading more punishments to People who has has done the hacking and homebrew to pay exept in Spain Sony has to pay for the Damages to PS3 Consoles to People. this problem happen by a call of Sony Autralia.

  • Kevin

    Why do you guys say you're getting ripped off? you knew what you were buying at the store and have no right whats so ever to complain about getting "ripped off" and they can very well ban you for trying to hack it. It's in the contract that you accepted between you and Sony that you would not hack, mod, cheat or whatever. Can't afford to pay for games? Get a job… dont have a well paid job? then stop freaking playing videogames and get your asses back in college so you can make the money to afford them, seriously people. Stop being so damn lazy.
    The only thing that really pisses me off about this is all the cheating. This is the only reason why Im against the jailbreak. Mainly it's all stupid little kids.

    • Zeusjr


      The only people who decide what a game or a console is worth is the ones buying.

      Obviously the PS3 wasn`t expensive enough because people slept outside in a line up to get it at launch.
      If the games sell well at 60$, why would they lower the prices.

      If nobody would of bought the PS3 for 600$ at launch let me assure you that it wouldn`t have taken 3 years before you can buy one for 300$.

      As for the games, if the public refuse to buy a game at 60$, than none of them will stay at 60$ for long.

      Not Sony who decides the price tag, tt`s the consumer.

      As for the modding, the PS2 console was hacked 1 week after the release and it didn`t stop Sony or any game developpers from making a ton of money. (Actually the question is… would it have been the best selling console ever.)

      I'm curious to see how the PS3 sells are going since Jailbreak was announced?

  • dark gamer

    how about the rights of the game developer no money no salary no salary no developing no developing no game… do you want a prof EA NBA LIVE is didnt sell well so no money and they didn't release NBA LIVE 2011. more money on 2k11 the most sales and money to get a new game to develop

  • iiViruz

    Okay, guys here's the deal:
    With a usb with 6mb free space on it, you MODIFY your PS3 to run homebrew games, handy if you want to go to a game design school, like me. Anyway, some people have made certain applications to run PSN Games and back-ups. Law says that you are allowed to alter/modify items you have paid for. So, I've paid $400 for a PS3, $600+ for games, I think I'm allowed to do whatever to my games! Anyway, if you want to see what you got on game development area, go ahead, if you're a person that goes: OOOH MMYYY FUUUUU A HACKLOBBY, just press start, leave game, X. Done! No more hack lobby, I don't hack MW2 nor any game. I've tried some custom mods for GTA 4 and Fallout 3 SO?! I've paid for it, I'm allowed to alter/modify the disc, data and game experience. Live with it, Sony can't do shit against us. If they ban us all, everyone will be offline, they'll keep up servers for maybe 4 million people, lose a lot of money and they be a whiny little bitch 'cus they're going bankrupt. I think I have the right to rip them off since they rip us off… example: paying $90 for 3 months of DC Universe? What if I get bored after 2 weeks, you've fucked $90 basicly.

    There, the truth behind hacking and Sony being a bitch.
    If you want to hack , go to or, download the files and you're good to go, NOW LETS SCREW OVER SONY AFTER PAYING LOADS OF CASH ON THEIR STUFF!


  • Izanagi

    the way i see it this is a double edge sword. i support sony and want to see them do well but at the same time, we spend 60 dollars on games only to get about 30 dollars out of it while the other half of the game is handed to you in DLC that they could have fit on the disk. the console gaming industry has had this coming for a while now.

  • fred

    Sony and Microsoft just care about the money not our rights

  • muse-rocks

    i dont agree with hacking a PlayStation, because the games aren't that expensive anyway. saying that, sony should definitely give a warning before any banning for the users all little bit more oblivious to the consequences and give them time to redeem themselves

  • Christian

    Actually, if sony ban u forever ure could make a case agiants them. Because YOU bought a software for over 100$ and they cant take them away from you

  • Cory

    makes mw2 more fun! dont ban it!!

  • Jared

    I don't think this is ment to be used for Piracy, Again it is good to have a backup of your game I have been using backups since PS1 and I still buy games so it doesn't mean that Sony will not still make money. It just means we have a safe alternative to store our media in the meantime. If you download all your games and store them on a 1TB HD and your HD crashes and you don't have the disks you will be up shit creek. if you have the disks then you will not have to worry.

  • uchiha123

    haha pretty old news, but I don't see the big deal about getting accounts banned, I mean, you STILL get to PLAY the game, and even more if is those single player mind blowing games such as god of war 3. AND even if your account is banned you can still play online, as there is still XlinkKai to have you up and running on the online scene. I for one support the PSjailbreak for the sole reason that Sony asks TOO much for games. It was bad enough when they were $49.99, but $59.99? and whats even worst most of the games are not worth that much, not even CoD. Just my view of things anyways =]

  • nikoz

    its like this, i understand why sony intent to ban jailbreak, its because they should be worried when lots of BD was not selling well in the market, and the game developers are not making money throughout their game releases on PS3, they would stop making it for PS3 and will better go for other platforms that performs better in terms of money. from that point, nobody is going to spend to get a PS3 console while looking at the crap and old game lineups.
    i think its fair enough for us to get a BD copy of exclusive high quality releases like Uncharted, God of War 3, MGS4, GT5 etc coz the game was so good. i think its worth buying it…
    and for those games that is multi-platforms, go get a PC, or 360…only buy the BDs when u intend to play online at PSN…

    For me, i own x360 slim (modded), two PS3's (1 Phat, 1 Slim), PSP 2000 (Prome) and a PC. not saying that i have money, i just love playing games, so i struggle up for some savings in order to own it… i also just bought a jailbreak, but dunno when should i use it coz i love 2 play PS3 online…

    I think later on if sony is frustrated with jailbreak, they would stop ps3 production and start building PS4 and release god of war 4, GTA5, MGS5, Uncharted 3-4 there….then we can see ppl start selling their PS3 consoles after that (same goes to PS1 n 2 now)….

  • ps3gamer

    You purchase a home 20 years ago, now you decide to add an addition to your home, maybe a new room, then told by the bank, realtor, you can't do that, it's my home, not your's, even if you purchased the house 20 years ago, it will never be your's, it's still mine.

    My thing is, if you purchase something IT'S YOUR'S, and if i take a sledge hammer and bust it up, will sony complaint,NO!!, if i make it better to where i get more use out of it, like perserving my games, by backing them up, it's my property, and i do what i damn please with it.

    • muse-rocks

      the reason you could do that to this hypothetical home was quite clearly because the owner was still paying a mortgage and didn't fully own it. not really relevant to ps3 hacking, i just thought id poke a hole in your ideology

  • michael

    we are suppier for jailbreak for sony ps3 ,our price is very good

    our contact is

  • Mike

    meh, they just decided to restrict usb devices, almost all together.

  • progenocide

    i cant wait to get mine already got my bestbuy unlimited game rental subsription and im gonna rip every game i can LOL!! yes i said go ahead and hate you f***ng hatorade drinking hypocrite douches!


    FREE THE PS3!!!!! sony 100 / hackers 1(very important 1)

  • Vice Tekk

    Call me what you want, but i am supporting the ps jailbreak. It's no surprise that systems have been hacked. Everything today is hackable. Hell i wanted an Iphone ,but i don't want to deal with At&t's crappy service. So i unlocked and jail broke mines. At&t still got their money and i got my phone. I paid for my system, and then Sony still wants to screw me out of $150.00 to fix my system after their craptastic firmware crashes my system?! screw that., Regardless it being a game your backing up. If you've downloaded games,music, or movies, then you've done something illegal. Don't be a little hypocrite and say it's different otherwise cause it's the same thing.

  • bjk

    backups run 2x faster than disc? SWEET. That means less lockups and bugs when play a game like Fallout 3. Hmmm, I will be lookin into this further

  • LatinChango

    ok i see avery one saying thing about this PSJailbreak but let me talk you samething wat i dont like from buyin a game you buy you dont need it more you try o go to game stop maybe you spend $60 in one game they give you 20 ok next you finish the game what is next eat the game or store in your room gething to be old well in my opinion if you have the chance to make easy your life with out spending money and be happy yes doing i am from difrent country and i live in USA in my country you dont have problem because you do ilegal stuff if you dont do nothing to same buddy is ok here you have to be carefull what do you do well life is like that for try to live

  • Fredrik

    @richard , you are aware that it isn't illegal, right? what made you think buying an USB stick from a legal netshop and pluging it into your own self bought Ps3 is illegal?
    You can do whatever the hell you want with your own stuff, if you bought it, it's yours, get it?

    Now if Sony don't want people with this particular 3rd party expansion on PSN, that's Sonys buisness, but it isn't illegal until you start copying games you don't own. Unfortunently there's no way for Sony to filter those who use the PSJailbreak for copying games from those who simply use it for homebrew. But the PSJailbreak opens for so much more than just copying games. So people like you simply saying "ban it" without knowing shit is kinda useless for the rest of us, get off our internet.

    That's why I support this as much as possible. I don't own a Ps3 any more because I didn't think it'd ever see the light of legal homebrew. And the removal of OtherOS was the last straw. So I sold it and bought a new JTAGGED Xbox instead, just for the sake of homebrew.

    ….you really suck, like, you've gotta be really dumb.


    lol at all the squeaky clean shithouses condemming this.

    First sony rip you off with extortiante prices for the console, then you are ripped off by outrageous prices for games.

    My job is a very low paid one, and I cannot afford this technology with its cost for games, guess what I can now.

    If they can rip me off then I can rip them off and sleep soundly.

    I'll accept any consequences of ripping them off, and they should do the same, which is whats happening right now.

    Screw you sony, and watch out Murdoch, your sky box is next.

    • Fabian

      Oh my god. So you actually think that you can "rip Sony off" because they sold a high-end BluRay-player and High-tech console for a reasonable price? Buy used games or wait until the price drops at your local retail store. It's a privilege to play PS3-games, not a right.

  • richard


    its illegal ban the userrsssss

    • Racey2k7

      Drinking under the age of 18 is illegal but everybody has done it

      • Moon

        Ban all underage drinkers from drinking!

        Oh wait.

  • Scott

    there should absolutly in no way be a full blanket ban on all users of PSJailbreak or anything else that provides the same functionality. as i recall, you are legally allowed to have one working backup of your optical media. I'm not sure if that law is still in effect any longer, as i was a schoolboy when i learned as such. the main thing that gets me here, is that for some people running off a backup is the ONLY logical solution to not having to pay £40-£50 every time a disc gets scratched. take my situation as an example. i live with my mom, dad and 2 younger brothers, one of which suffers with severe autism. unfortunately communication between him and anyone else is terribly difficult and as such, he unfortunately does not understand that when you pick a disc up gripping the underside of he disc and placing it down on top of the console, it creates scratches which cause the disc to either not function, or to function incorrectly. now if i invested in PSJailbreak and a good size external hard drive to get around these issues, should i be really be penalized?? if the law does in fact still state that i should be allowed one working backup copy of my own lawfully owned media then my personal belief is that sony should not be allowed to directly hinder the process and should in fact be challenged about such issues.

    • tylerD

      weak excuse for wanting to rip the gaming companies off…
      man up and take care of your things!

  • david

    end of the day it will result in people renting games and ripping them. piracy. stop defending it and making excuses that you will use it for poor homebrew apps.

    • Kyle

      Again, this is a stupid way to think. If people are given alcohol, the end result will be that some of them will drive drunk. If people are given cars, the end result will be that some people will end up driving like jackasses and killing people, if people are given the freedom to choose what they eat, some people will become fat bastards because they can't control themselves.

      After all the shit that Sony has taken away, I'm HAPPY that they've been screwed with this Jailbreak. I'm a loyal customer and have been since the PSX, but slowly having all of the features on my favorite console whittled away so that Sony can rest easy in the fact that a few tech-savvy jackasses won't be pirating their games is really starting to bother me.

      I have a large library of games and am a subscriber to a game rental service and I plan to remain a subscriber for the foreseeable future. If I were to Jailbreak my PS3 (which I'm not going to do – I care about my PSN too much), I would be doing it to have the freedom to do what I want with my PS3 again – hell, they're even saying that the next version might re-enable the playing of PS2 games on non-fat PS3's. I'd say that's completely worth it and I'd also say that it's completely shady of Sony if they've artificially taken out that functionality from new consoles.

  • Steve

    So it's ok if you have your back door locked but someone manages to open it and rob your house? I always thought just because something is there does not mean you have the right to take it. If you can't afford to buy a game get a job

    • FromthekToTheJ

      no you cannot steal anyones properties. but if you have buyed a ps3. and many people have. it is yours! if you buy a car. the car dealer won't say: don't change the engine. no it's your's so do what you wanna do with it.

    • Racey2k7

      LOL Im guessing you have paid for every piece of music you have? or evry film you have? Yeahh right. getting free games is no diffrent from music or films. i do relise that its the same two guys in this forum refreshing the page and putting thumbs down next to evryones comments but the truth is your mummy doesent let you get hacked things or your two cheap to afford one. I bet if i gave you one of these devices for free you will take it. Dont hate cause your jealous. 🙂 Case closed

    • Kyle

      I don't understand why everyone automatically equates exploits to piracy. If I were to use PS3 Jailbreak on my system, I'd do it for the homebrew scene. My PSP is a powerhouse of awesome vintage games and all sorts of other crap because of custom firmware. There are plenty of legitimate uses for having full access of your system.

  • lolo

    Okay Tussin, lay off the cough syrup while you download your 25 songs off iTunes with your giftcard.

    • Tustin1

      What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

      • Vash

        Lol @ dumb kid.

  • Saksham

    In this economy, no way they should ban people. U have to understand not lot of ppl have 60 bucks 2 spend on a game anymore.

    • Fabian

      Of course they should ban. It's their final product that they are distributing to the public. To play Playstation 3-games is not a right, it's a privilege. If you can't afford it buy a PS2.

  • Why should it be ban. if there could be made som homebrew, and in that there would be a emulator soo i can play PS2 games..

  • I love how you post two blatent remarks about "this crap" and no substantial reason to back it up. It's not technically a "hack" device, it allows users to play backed up games (while illegal, this doesn't really hinder the online experience.) I'm all for it to be honest. The PSP has been cracked wide open for years now with the release and maintenance of "Custom Firmware" and a powerful Homebrew / Reverse-Engineering development community, and it's about time the PS3 go the same way. I can see myself buying one of these simply to back up games, I've lost two copies of MW2 so far due to scratches from external sources (there's nothing wrong with the console, I just live in a house of horrors for optical media.)

    • sam

      how is backing up your game illegal? how do they know if your using a back up of your own game? My thoughts i paid for the hardware i should be able to do what i want with it! So technically places like blockbuster are illegal i know it's different but think about it it kinda isn't!

  • Tustin1

    Ban this crap and everyone using it…

    • Kyle

      That's a stupid way to think. There are so many awesome things that could be done with this jailbreak. Have you seen the homebrew scene on the PSP? The device does a LOT more after it's been put on custom firmware.

      Think about it. How awesome would it be if you could have your entire SNES, NES, PSX, and PS2 libraries stored straight on the hard drive of your PS3. With full access to the graphics cores and everything else, that could totally be a reality.

      They're even saying that the next jailbreak update is going to re-enable PS2 on all consoles.

      If you're this against it, you're either a blatant, utter, and blind fanboy, or you have absolutely no comprehension as to what it does.

  • Tustin1

    Ban away – hack devices are crap

    • pip

      why? Ban them if they use it online ok but not just for using it. Say what you want about me but I intend to buy this soley for the reason on running xbmc on ps3. I know its not out yet but worse comes to worse I'll take my acess to the ps3 sdk and rewrite the source to be ps3 compatiable and make it myself. I understand most poeple just wanna pirate but my xbox wants to be retired. PS never expect ps3 xbmc to be released by me I can write it but I've watched "the scene's" treatment of poeple like geohot and its a discrace