Nokia N900 With Face Verification: Video demo

By Peter Chubb - Aug 23, 2010

We are in a world where we have to be more careful than ever when it comes to protecting not only our devices, but our personal data and identity as well. Research is ongoing to find a new solution for when it comes to other identity verification schemes; a password is just not good enough anymore.

Thomas Ricker from Engadget has learned from the University of Manchester that face verification technology is being used on a number of devices, such as the new Kinect for Xbox 360. We were shocked to see the same technology being used on a Nokia N900.

We have wondered why this technology has taken so long to be implemented onto a smartphone, but it’s coming. The system measures 22 facial features of the smartphone user by using the front-facing camera – something that could be used on a number of other handsets, such as the iPhone 4 or the HTC EVO 4G.

We have a video for you below where you can see the Nokia N900 in action with the real-time face tracking, although we cannot tell how long it takes for the system to verify the user. What other devices would you like to see this on?

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  • What happens if you are involved in a traffic collision and need to call the emergency services for help? How will it recognize your airbag mangled face to unlock the phone?