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Motorola Droid Tablet: Verizon device could rival iPad

While the rumored tablet talk seems to be about devices by Google, RIM and LG, we have one interesting article for you to read now, which explains why a tablet release from Motorola would be the closest rival to the Apple iPad.

The article in question comes to us courtesy of Cnet, and they have given us a few reasons why Motorola, partnered with Verizon Wireless could give Apple a real run for their money with a tablet device of their own.

Considering how well Motorola and Verizon have done with their Droid smartphones, a ‘Droid-branded’ tablet would also be a hit with consumers. The Droid brand has well and truly cemented it’s place in the market now, so any new hardware would be an instant seller – especially with Verizon’s fierce marketing campaigns.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you consider buying a Droid tablet device if Motorola were to release one? Read the full article over at Cnet and give us your two cents on this.



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