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Motorola Droid, Incredible: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Becoming A Nuisance

The latest rollout of the Android 2.2 Froyo has not gone smoothly for Motorola and Verizon, due to missing features, cease and desist letters and general annoyances.

Problems started appearing with the original Droid, when users found out that the 2.2 update did not give them the full experience they were hoping for.

The original Motorola Droid does not tether, nor does it become a mobile hotspot in 2.2. But one of the most notable features that it does not come with is Adobe Flash 10.1 (although a second update is scheduled to be released within a few weeks that will make the app available on the Android market)

But that is just the tip of the iceberg, with Motorola Milestone users still not getting the update until Q4 2010 in Europe and Korea. Canada, Latin America and Mexico are still going through an “evaluation” period.

Phones that are not expected to receive the update, at least for the time being are the Cliq, Cliq XT and the Backflip who are still waiting for a 2.1 update, something the Devour will not even get.

Android 2.2 Froyo seems like a big deal for Android users, so much so that various sources have been taking matters into their own hands.

A leaked Android 2.2 Froyo ROM started to scatter around the internet to which Motorola sent cease and desist letters to websites hosting the update.

And at the bottom of it all, Motorola are not the only company who are having Android 2.2 issues.

HTC Droid Incredible users are still waiting for an update that they were supposed to get on August 18, Dell Streak owners are still stuck with Android 1.6 until the end of the year and Samsung Galaxy users are still waiting for confirmation.

Have you had any Android 2.2 Froyo issues?

Source: PC World


  • Bane

    I upgraded today and hate it. The key bord when texting is incredibly laggy and unresposive. Only two letters out of the five i pressed show up and it pisses me off. Someone should come up with an app that removes shitty updates that dont have all the bugs worked out.

  • JimC

    I upgraded to 2.2 this morning through a notice on my cell. And I agree, it seems to have it's favorite apps ignore any closing with Advanced Task Killer. But so far that is the only issue I have noticed and have not had it long enough to determine to what degree all the open apps reduce an already limited battery range.

    • chkecheze

      I agree…I upgraded to 2.2 this morning and the apps I kill keep opening again. It's freakin annoying. Stupid apps like the weather app. There isn't a way to delete these apps that come pre-installed either.

  • Iceraider

    I've had nothing but problems on my motorola droid since Verizon pushed 2.2.

    1. Corporate email is hosed. Neither the built in email client nor touchdown work.
    2. Very sluggish since update.
    3. No wifi hotspot (the main reason I wanted it!)
    4. Can't play wav files any more (what the fudge!)
    5. When docked, clock doesn't come back after the phone rings. You have to undock and redock (what the fudge again).
    6. Helix launcher crashes every other time I hit the home button.

    I want to go back to 2.1. The only reason I wanted 2.2 was for the mobile hotspot function. With out that this update is a step backwards for me.

    • wade

      I had problems after froyo with my MOTO DROID and then I rooted it & they are all gone now. Root your phone and install bugless beast ROM. it's very easy to do. install the app universal androot, and then hit root, then it's rooted. Then, install ROM manager (it's free), if you don't see the free version, then clear the cache of the app "market" and then look again. Also, install Titanium Backup and do a full backup of all your apps that way u can get them back where you want them after you install your new ROM. Then, use ROM manager to flash your phone, reboot and install the bugless beast ROM, it's very easy to do and there a lot of websites out there that give you a step by step process of doing it. If you want a faster phone, do it.

  • Tim

    I just wish Verizon would stop sitting on it. The Evo got Froyo, so HTC has it working with Sense. Push the dang thing out OTA, Verizon! Tired of waiting. :-/

  • The Sicilian

    The reason why some HTC Incredible users are saying that they now have 2.2 is because some people like to lie.

    • Ryan

      Or they are ignorant, and illiterate like yourself.

    • chkecheze

      I got my 2.2 update this morning from Verizon and that's a FACT!

  • jvc

    Shun, Taylor ROOTED the DI that’s how he/she has the update. The OTA is still yet to be released and no dates have been confirmed.

  • Shaun C.

    Ya know I dont understand something here. How is it that I am seeing Incredible users that say they are getting the new update, but I haven't gotten mine yet? I called Verizon and they said that it has not rolled out yet for the Incredible yet people like Taylor says he got his. This is strange. I honestly think that they are lying, either Verizon or customers like Taylor. Please explain.

    • Fletcher

      As stated above, you can "root" your device. This essentially gives you full control over your device. You can then install whatever software you choose on the device including ROMs of Froyo (Android OS 2.2 – Frozen Yogurt.) While this practice is not "illegal" it is something you should not undertake without a full understanding of the software involved as this can lead to "bricking" your phone.

  • Marcus Is Retarded

    marcus your retarded, like very retarded

  • droidcontent

    I have a droid x 2.2 and no problems. My life is great.

  • Marcus Jenks

    "HTC Droid Incredible users are still waiting for an update that they were supposed to get on August 18".

    Jamie Pert, can you kindly point me to a reputable news source that states that the Droid Incredible was supposed to receive an update to Android 2.2 on August 18th? That was nothing more than a rumor.

    • McLurch

      Can you point me to a reputable news source that gives me any leaked information that I am trying to find out before an official announcement is made? Anyone who was researching and trying to find out when the update was supposed to begin knows about the supposed update that a "select few" test subjects received back in late July or early August, and all of us were waiting for the August 18 update that we were all supposed to get. Of course there was no official announcement for just this reason, obviously there were problems and now they can put it off until the bugs are fixed while we sit here stewing on the notion of just rooting the phone and updating it ourselves.

    • Fletcher

      There was an internal email from Verizon floating around that confirmed this as an expected release date. It was of course not an official press release so no one should have expected this to happen.

  • Dave

    I have the original Droid and was psyched to get the update. I'm experiencing applications running that won't shut down with Advanced Task Killer (such as the Weather Channel ap) and ones that are opening up on their own: Ebay, MSN Droid, and others. I had to go in to the settings menu and force close them from there.

    In fact, I just looked and they are open again-even though I force closed them an hour ago. Its annoying.

    • SensibleFellow


      Advanced Task killer is known to do things like that to your phone. I don’t understand why people use it; Android has excellent RAM management. Also, all of those CPU cycles that are spent constantly killing all of your cached apps really drains the battery and heats up your device.

      Caching apps is a great feature.

  • taylor

    I rooted my Incredible for Verizon about 2 weeks ago and upgraded to 2.2. I have nothing but great things to say. My battery lasts longer and every operation is faster. Flash 10 works great and the new YouTube app is a huge step up. Couldn’t be happier with Froyo

    • Shaun C.

      How and when did you get your update? Because I still havent recieved mine yet.

      • Geoff Z.

        Verizon hasn't pushed the update yet so if you want Froyo you have to do it yourself. I did it last week and it is AWESOME. I know a lot of people are hesitant to mess with their phones but if Verizon is going to sit on thier butts and let us flap then more and more people will go this route.

      • Fletcher

        He said he "rooted my Incredible" which means he can not modify his phone's software as he sees fit. With a rooted phone you can then install other ROM images including some Frozen Yogurt ones floating around.

      • medfcf

        go into settings,then click about phone, then click system updates

  • Marc

    I have had a Mot Droid (1) since it was first released (Nov 2009). I received the OTA update last week from 2.1 to 2.2 (froyo). When I first purchased the Droid, Flash support was promised "very soon". I am not sure what SOON means to Google/Verizon/Motorola, but when most phone users purchase a new phone every 2 years, I would say 10 months and counting is NOT soon.
    Besides the Flash issue, I would say that Android 2.2 is NOT ready for general use. My once very responsive phone has now become sluggish. It often takes 5-10 seconds for the icons to load after going to my "home" screen. The touch screen is also not as responsive as it was with android 2.1. Up until now, I really thought that Android would be a great competitor for Apple. Two weeks ago, I would've recommended an android phone to everyone, but after the froyo update, I don't think I would purchase this phone again.


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