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Medal Of Honor: British MP wants UK Ban – Do you?

We have more feedback on EA’s decision to include taliban gameplay in the upcoming game Medal of Honor, as a British MP has entered the debate, saying that UK retailers should ban the game out of ‘respect’.

As reported from DeviceMag, British Defence Secretary Liam Fox is the man in question, and he has called Medal of Honor a ‘tasteless product’. Here is what he had to say about the game in a recent interview;

“It’s hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product,”

What are your thoughts on this? As a gamer, you would argue that it is just that – a game. One side plays the bad guys, and the other side plays the good guys. This is a format that has been used in pretty much every first person shooter – so do we really have to bring politics into this?

Then again, the war in Iraq is such an important memory in our minds, so maybe such a debate cannot be avoided. Personally, I think there is no harm in this. The game needs a formula to drive sales, and playing as the Taliban just so happens to be it.

Agree or disagree? – Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • jim

    This wont get fucking banned just cause it's about the war what the fuck do people want us to play a game with ponys and shit!! i dont fucking think so war games and 1st person shooters are number one in the charts for a reason and all of us gamers will stick together and fight for this not to get banned anywhere in the world these's Mp's need to get a console and try gaming for them selves !!! im on the xbox 360 and all i play is COD4 5 and 6 …. ok and some other games but my point is that i love shooters !!! anyone who would like to add me on xbox live this is my gamertag itz ur bedtimez

  • fcuk banning it, I can't wait for this game lol

  • steve

    I think MPs should stop jumping on the ban it band wagon,after all was it not the MOD who failed to supply soldiers with the right kit eg: body armour, resulting in deaths.

  • Eli

    Completely unjustified attempt to ban an entertaining product. They let the new call of duty depict the American government betraying soldiers and killing it’s own civillians but once you say Taliban it’s a tastless piece of trash? I disagree. Ban it out of respect? American soldiers play call of duty everyday and in some cases they are the bad guys killing American soldiers but they don’t care because it’s a GAME not reality and they understand this 100%.

  • Big man

    Cod 4 u get to play as taliban type people on multiplayer so whats so different about moh

  • John

    stupid. its only a game, who cares. My brother is in Afghanistan right now. So….. game is a game, they need to focus on more important stuff!!

  • John Disney

    how about a game where you assassinate political leaders

    big market

    • EA Sucks

      People can make a mod where the EA office types get to kill troops, right? I wonder how the EA feels about that one.


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