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Mafia 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – Review Roundup

It’s almost release time for Mafia 2, and with the reviews coming in as thick and as fast as money comes in to the mobs, we get under the knife (or gun, or whatever) of who rated what.

First off, we will tell you a little about the game, with players playing the part as a World War II soldier returning to Empire Bay. Vito Scaletta, who is on leave after he’s injured on operations finds himself in the midst of gang related shenanigan and damn ugly Mafia business.

The game, although promising received a mixed body-bag of scores, most of which ended up in the higher tier of of the board.

D’Toid say that the game is worth a rating of 6.5 on the 360, and 7.5 on the PS3 whereas NowGamer say that the best gameplay is with the PC version giving an 8.3, and also give a 8.0 and a 8.1 to 360 and PS3 versions.

JoyStiq and GamePro were less impressed and only managed a 3.5/5 rating aswell as IGN who only give it a 7/10.

G4, CVG, and Multiplayer gave the game the most praise with 4/5, 8/10 and 9/10 respectively.

Click the links to see the individual reviews from each website.

The release is set for tomorrow in the US (August 24) and this Friday in the UK (August 27), but if you have had the chance to check out the demo, or read this when you get your bloody hands on the game, how do you rate Mafia 2?

Source: VG247


  • Wongoloide

    demo good, storry good – just orderes me the collectors edition for the ps3!

    demo ist really nice!

  • sdfdsfsd

    So the PS3 version is getting better ratings than the Xbox version, which is at the bottom of the pile…

    Makes all those idiots that believed a single static screenshot look a little silly now….

  • andre

    I preordered this game but cancelled it after the demo, just didn’t impress, graphics look old on ps3. Might pick it up once its in the bargain bin or rent. All the vids and pics on YouTube looked slick but when I played it I thought it looked average at best. No multiplayer and not really a sandbox game. Shame though the only thing going for it is there is precious little oput at mo.

  • Wicked game I give10 out of 9


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