Lost Auction: Collector TV memorabilia

By Peter Chubb - Aug 23, 2010

When I finished watching the final episode of Lost I felt two things, empty and cheated. I hated the fact that I would not be seeing these characters again, and the fact that the ending was not what I had hoped. However, there seems to still be a lot of popularity for the show, which was evident at a recent Lost auction, where collector TV memorabilia was up for grabs.

According to Jen Chaney from The Washington Post there was a bidding frenzy over the weekend, with some fans spending $5,000 just for a pack of 12 Dharma Initiative beers. More surprisingly the Swan station door went for a staggering $16,000.

So let us take a look at a few other items and see how much they fetched for the Profiles in History auction. I have always known that a VW Camper van was worth a few dollars, but not as much as the Dharma Volkswagen van, $47,500.

Sticking with autos, Hurley’s Camaro went for $24,000, the Frozen Donkey Wheel that Linus turned achieved $25,000. One of the smallest items also went for a huge sum; the fail-safe key used by Desmond fetched $11,000. See how much some of the items that was sold over the weekend, let us know if you would have paid those prices for Lost memorabilia?

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