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iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Preview Features before Release

For those of you with an iPhone 4 handset, we have some solid details on the forthcoming update to iPhone iOS 4.1, due to come out of beta for a public release soon. For gaming fans, the update will bring added functionality to the Game Center feature.

If you head over to Apple Insider, you’ll see that they have listed some of the changes that will be coming within iOS 4.1. These include many bug fixes too, particularly one which involves the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4.

AI reports that iOS 4.1 will improve the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4, while also improving Bluetooth connectivity. One of the most anticipated features for iPhone 4 users is the Game Center. Apple promised a lot when unveiling it at WWDC in June, and the service will finally be available towards the end of the year.

AI has some fresh details on the Game Center, and also some screenshots of it running on the iPhone 4. If Apple work out a smooth matchmaking service for the Game Center, I have a feeling that it will be become immensely popular with users – What do you think?

Head over to Apple Insider for the full preview.


  • Ryan

    PROXIMITY SENSOR IS NOT FIXED!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I am so tired of this phone…Facetime and retina display and processor speed and all of that are just bogus trade-offs if the damned thing can’t even work as a phone. SO STUPID!!! Yet every time I try to bring it up in forums, it’s amazing how religiously fanboys defend their god. APPIC FAIL!! Check out my video: and tell me what YOU think…

  • Ryan

    UNBELIEVABLE! Can't they get anything right? Unbelievable. Made an inadvertent conference call this morning while talking to someone else, and last I checked my head was neither of Cro-Magnon shape nor did I have a cheek implant. The other day I had myself on mute and don't recall putting myself on mute. All of the sudden my caller started going "uh…..hello???" I love the iPhone but the 4 continues to unimpress. Yet Apple Fanboys will still religiously defend it, saying "oh, no, that hasn't happened to me, my iPhone 4 is perfect. The problem must be YOU." And you're labeled the enemy for speaking out. COME ON STEVE JOBS!!!!!!!! Give us 7, not Vista! Here's my Apple Fanboy video: check it out and tell me if you agree.

    • Markopolo

      ….it hasn’t ever happened to me. So do I just go along with you because it happens to you? Sorry bro if it hasn’t happened to me I don’t care. I would be annoyed if it dis however so can understand the rant


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