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HP Windows and WebOS Tablet Delay: iPad Relief

During CES 2010 HP announced that they would work with Microsoft on a tablet device, and that it would run on Windows 7. However, since Hewlett Packard purchased Palm, the plans were reported to have been scrapped. Since then we have had a lot of conflicting reports over the HP tablet, but we can now tell you that the device is back on, and that there is to be a choice of webOS and Windows.

Until now Apple has had the tablet market all it themselves, this news will not be good for the iPad, as the HP Slate or whatever it will be called looks set to offer more performance, as well as Flash Player support.

According to Ed Oswald from Technologizer, he wrote on PC World that the webOS version could be called the PalmPad and will be ready for release in early 2011. We do not have any spec details, but at least we know that the device exists now.

Oswald points to the fact that the delay has been good for the Apple iPad, and I am surprised that the Cupertino company has had the market all to itself for eight months so far in 2010. We had assumed that other tablet devices would have hit the market by now, we said earlier this year that 2010 would be the year of the tablet device. This was correct, but only if your name was Apple.



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