Headphones Causing Hearing Loss: iPod main culprit

A recent study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Assn has found that more teenagers are now under more risk of hearing loss caused by headphones. It is thought that the new culture of the Apple iPod is to blame, but I have to wonder why this is so different to the Sony Walkman in the 80’s?

The study showed that mild hearing loss within teens has increased by 30 percent over the past 15 years. However, more worryingly is the 77 percent increase in teenagers with a mild or worse hearing loss. Hearing loss can cause many of issues, such as learning and speech problems.

A recent Australian study has put the blame onto headphones, saying that by using these devices can increase the risk of hearing loss by 70 percent. So if you see your teenage child with an iPod or other portable music device such as an iPod Touch, make certain that they keep the volume down.

We cannot see how this trend will change anytime soon, surly it will only get worse with the range of new smartphones on the market – all with music capabilities? Hoe do you think we will be able to reverse this current trend? For more details visit LA Times.



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