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Halo Reach Leaked: Download now from Xbox Live – Hackers Have

We have some shocking news to bring you now, as it has been alleged that one team of hackers have already managed to get their hands on Halo Reach, a game which will be Microsoft’s biggest release this year when it lands in September.

According to this report from PCMag, a group of modders known as GameTuts are the team responsible for acquiring an early copy of the game, and according to the report, Microsoft is also partly to blame.

Despite the fact that the game is not available to buy until September 14th, the game is still being seeded on the official Xbox Live marketplace, available to download for an impossible 99,999 Microsoft points.

Somehow, the GameTuts team have managed to bypass the security on this website and download the game onto their hard drive, you can see their forum post here for more details on this.

Sadly, they add that they won’t be sharing details on how they managed to download the game, but did say that they will be providing a live stream of the game soon. Do you think this is real or not? We’ll update you on this later.

More details on the Microsoft Marketplace link can be seen in our previous article here.


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    Well, I guess for those who want the game's first encounter a spoil-free one will have a rough time.


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