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Get A PlayStation Move For Free At Gamestop

For those of you who are a little strapped for cash but really want Sony’s PlayStation Move, we have an interesting deal where you can get one for free. Well, sort of…

Gamestop and EB Games are both participating in a deal for the Move. But what is the catch you say? Well it goes a little something like this.

Trade in 4 games that have a minimum trade value of $8, to which you will then be given a brand spanking new PlayStation Move entirely free.

Ok, so it might not be exactly free but if I had four games lying around that has not had the dust blown off them for some while, I would definitely snap up this offer.

With the bundle you get the PlayStation Eye, the Move controller and a copy of Sports Champions.

From what we can see, the deal is not listed on the websites for either store so it is best to go to your local Gamestop or EB Games and see for yourself. Look for a special promotional poster that are listing the deal.

Source: Gameolosophy


  • I hardly ever leave comments on blogs, but your post encouraged me to praise your blog. Thank you for the read, I’ll make sure to bookmark this blog and check in once in awhile. Happy blogging.

  • Pfffff

    I doubt there are many games they pay a whopping $8 for. If there's dust on it, it's probably only worth $1 to them if at all. This is an empty promo


    SO FREAKIN BS, IF YOU BELIEVE THIS YOUR EITHER A FAG OR AN IDIOT (way to good to be true so stop dreaming)

  • Bob

    When does this deal become active, is there an available list of games that are accepted (probably $40-$60 games)?


  • Fabio

    is it on now or some kinda of rain check?

  • bs blog

    this is bs and u knw so. i called the store and corp. they said no we arent doing anything like that


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