Facebook Founder Marc Zuckerberg Cannot Be Blocked

Facebook is one of the most popular products on planet earth, but even with over 500 million users, there are still issues that need ironing out. That being said, blocking a user is a simple pretty process — unless you are Facebook honcho Marc Zuckerberg.

According to an article at Tech Crunch, users who are registered on the Facebook website are prompted with an error when they try and block the chief executive from their accounts.

If you attempt to block Zuckerberg, who is to appear in a special episode of the Simpsons later this year, then you will be greeted with an “General Block failed error: Block failed.”

Facebook are constantly in the internet press, due to security and privacy concerns. Most recently they have delved into the ‘foursquare‘ market with Facebook Places. If you are interested in what privacy and security concerns this could potenitally have, check out our tutorial of how to remove this here.

Source: IT Pro Portal



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