Apple iTV to change our television experience

We have known for a while now that Apple is to update their TV device; the changes will include a new iOS and $99 price. However, the most important change is to its name – iTV. Kevin Rose from Digg has been looking into this and believes that Apple is now ready to “change everything.”

According to AppleInsider, Rose believes that the new Apple iTV device will have access to the App Store, allowing users to download software as well. The new service will also offer high-end TV channels; so will help to give the user a much better viewing experience.

However, it will be iAds that will change everything, this new way for Apple better content – something that will effect the likes of cable and satellite companies. The idea of doing away with these monthly bills will mean that all you will need to play for is your broadband connection.

Apple will not have it all their own way though, Google TV is certain to offer users an alternative – we wonder if Google will be able to make an impact on this market as they have on the smartphone market?

What do you expect from the new Apple iTV? Will Google TV offer users more?



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