2011 Ford Edge Review: Price could be an issue

Ford has certainly been busy in 2010, not only have they been working on the new Fiesta and Focus, but also on the 2011 Ford Edge as well. The Blue Oval knows that their rivals have been pumping out new models, but the Detroit automaker believes that improving on current models instead of designing a totally new vehicle is the answer.

The Edge crossover has been growing in popularity over the past four years, so thought all what was needed was a refresh of the current model, but will it pay off? The interior and exterior has had a mini-facelift along with new engine choices with more fuel efficient options. (The Ecoboost will not be available until late 2011.)

Zach Bowman from Autoblog has now driven the new 2011 Ford Edge and believes that it will be a head-turner at the mall. This will be because the front-end has had a revamp to its styling, which as you can see by these images has much more chrome.

It’s all great having all these new design features, but the one area where the new Ford CUV could suffer is its price. Bowman believes that $30,000 is too high a price to pay, and maybe Ford should consider reducing this by $5,000, but would you agree?


  • sreyanka

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