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Verizon 2010 Roadmap: Month-by-Month Releases

Verizon has certainly been busy this year, and although we only have four months left this year, their 2010 roadmap still looks very extensive. There is still a handful more smartphones to come – along with two tablet devices. So let us take a look at each month to see what Big Red will release for the rest of 2010.

Phone Arena News has done some digging and believe that they have a great idea of what we can expect to see from Verizon – although they do note that the information is not 100 percent, because of delays or any other such issue.

September looks to be the quietest month as there is said to be just one handset, the Motorola Citrus. Maybe Verizon know that kids have just gone back to school and have drained our bank accounts – so thought that they would release an affordable handset?

October will be busier, with a rumored five handsets coming. The handsets are as follows: Motorola XT610 and Sick, Palm Pre, Samsung Fascinate and finally the RIM BlackBerry Storm 3.

November will see just one smartphone and 2 tablets. The HTC Merge is the handset and the Motorola Z600 and the Samsung I800 are the two tablets. Let us know which handset or tablet you are looking forward to the most? Have I missed one out that you assumed was due for release this year?



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