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Black Friday 2010: How will Nintendo market the Wii?

With Black Friday fast approaching thoughts turn to what deals various companies will be offering this year. With the upcoming launches of Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move, Nintendo has a bit of battle on its hands in the area of motion control.

Luigi Lugmayr of is debating what sort of price level the Wii console will be selling for this year’s Black Friday. The writer of the article wonders if Nintendo could use a sale slogan along the lines of “Get a whole motion control game console for the price of Kinect.”

Last year a Nintendo Wii could be had for $150, the Kinect bundle which includes Kinect Adventures is available for $149.99. Sony’s Move will probably still be the cheapest option of the trio as the starter bundle will be available for $99.96.

The latest upgraded Wii Bundle that includes the MotionPlus can currently be bought for $199.99, while the old Wii package can be had for $179 via Wal-Mart. We could see Wii bundles selling for less than $150 this year, and maybe the old bundle could go as low as $99.

How cheap do you think Nintendo will be offering the Wii for this Black Friday?



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