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Best Buy set to transform tablet market

When it comes to Best Buy, there seems to be no other retailer who has the amount of consumer electronics devices in store or online, with a huge choice of smarphones, computers, audio and TVs. However, one area that has been a little bit lonely is the tablet computer, the only one available is the Apple iPad, but Best Buy is about to transform the tablet market.

This is through no fault of the store, but for computer makers and taking their time to release their own tablet devices. However, a handful of tablet devices are due for release over the holiday season, and it will be Best Buy who will have the biggest push.

Apple knows that they will soon have a tough time in the tablet market, which is why they will soon launch the iPad 2 along with a 7-inch version – ideal for those who think that the current 10-inch size is on the large size.

Acer, HP, RIM, Samsung and other computer makers are all planning to release their tablet devices before Christmas, along with others coming in January. Verizon will have two on their carrier in November, which we discussed in a recent post.

Elizabeth Woyke from Forbes contacted Best Buy to see what models they will be stocking, but the retailer did not want to comment – although we have a pretty good idea. These tablets will differ in many ways, but the biggest difference will be their OS, you will have Google Android and Chrome, Windows 7, and webOS from Palm/HP.

Which tablet are you looking forward too the most?


  • dave

    I am not sure who the market for Chrome is? Why would anyone want such a limited OS?


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