T-Mobile G2: New slide and tilt photos confuse

By Peter Chubb - Aug 21, 2010

Over the past few days more details have started to come up about the upcoming T-Mobile G2, which is to be developed by HTC. However, it is these latest detailed images that has caused much confusion, as it first looked as though the Android handset would offers slide and tilt, but it seems that this was only pulled up so that we could see the inner-workings.

When Engadget first spotted the tilt and slide feature they assumed that the G2 would not need a kickstand, so you can imagine how upset Chris Ziegler and the rest of us are knowing that we were all mislead.

Alan Ng pointed to the fact that the T-Mobile G2 looks to be an HTC Vision in Disguise, and he certainly has a point. He also looked at possible release dates – is there really a chance that the handset could be released next month? If so then 2010 would certainly be the year of Android – we just wonder what 2011 will offer?

Back on the 18th T-Mobile launched their G2 website, for potential buyers to register their interest with the upcoming smartphone. Will you consider purchasing the successor to the original G1, the Android handset that started it all?

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  • MrsP

    Agreed! I am crazy about my G1 and am glad I won't have to replace it with the mytouch slide or something.

    I bet most of us won't even use a tilt feature if one was available to us anyway.

  • Jpug55

    Tilt or no tilt. I still want this phone. I currently have the G1 and love it. The keyboard is what does it for me.